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OASIS (Optimisation And Standardisation of neonatal and fetal MR Imaging Service) is an MR Imaging network which aims to improve and standardise image quality of neonatal and fetal MRI in the UK for the benefit of the patients, the healthcare community and the NHS.

There are currently 16 different sites in the OASIS network, geographically dispersed across the UK, with expertise in and capabilities for fetal and/or neonatal MRI. The Network is constantly expanding as additional centres express interest. If you have a query about OASIS or about starting or improving your fetal or neonatal imaging service, please .

Articles available for download

  1. Motion-Compensation Techniques in Neonatal and Fetal MR Imaging (3.2MB PDF)
  2. Fetal SNAPIR Sequence (0.9MB PDF)
  3. The Fetal MR examination a guide for parents and clinicians (video)